Dirty-Santa-Game-ImageThe Christmas season is about spending some quality time with the ones that you love. With the busy year coming to an end, we get time to catch up with one another and feel like the clock stopped while we enjoy each other’s company.

Season of Giving

Family time would not be complete without some silly, yet fun games to pass the time. One of my absolute favorites is “Dirty Santa”. Many will know right away how to play this game and others this game could be the start of a fun family tradition. Either way, keep reading and see some fun present ideas that are sure to be an award winner in the “Dirty Santa” game. Despite the name of the game, this a kid-friendly game that can be played and enjoyed by the whole family.

For those that have never heard of this game, follow the game rules below.

The purpose of the game is to have a cost-effective gift exchange with the whole family where you have to fight for what you want…..literally! With this gift exchange game, each person will have a gift (normally under $10) that will be entered in the game. This gift is not purchased for a particular person and can be anything that you want. I am sure you are wondering where does the name “Dirty Santa” come in at right? Being that you can steal someone else’s gift for yourself, I would call that pretty dirty! After the game full of laughter and excitement, head out with an Old Saybrook limo to take a look at the neighborhood Christmas displays.

Rule 1). Define Price Limit

Set a price range for the gifts. Some set it for under $25 and others may do under $10. Make sure that the price range is reasonable. This ensures that the value of all of the gifts is similar.

Rule 2). Everyone Buys One Gift

Each person playing the game must leave with a which means that each person needs to bring a gift to be placed in the game. Remind your guests to bring a gift.

Rule 3). Top Notch Wrapping

Batman-Snuggie-ImageHow you wrap the gift can be just as amusing as the gift itself. There are plenty of crazy creative ways to wrap a gift that could throw the person who is opening it off. Dirty Santa gifts are expected to be well wrapped, even look deceivingly good to make people want to open them. The guest should not be able to guess what’s inside. Remember, this is the time to get creative and even a bit “pranky” by “overwrapping” gifts multiple times to make it hard to open, making them heavier with dead weight to seem more valuable or shaping them like items that they are not. More deceivingly wrapped – the better!

Rule 4). Draw Player Order

In order to see what order everybody chooses their gifts, everyone must draw a number from a bowl. This will tell you who will select a gift next.

Rule 5). Opening And Stealing

Each player must open an unopened gift or steal from previously opened gifts. If the game does not allow stealing until all gifts have been opened, then have everyone open gifts in the order of the drawn numbers, then let the person with number 1 do the first stealing.

Rule 6). No Swap-Backs

If the gift is stolen from you, it is your turn to steal another gift or open an unopened gift, but you cannot steal the gift just taken from you right away. You must wait for another opportunity to strike.

Rule 7). (Optional) Themes

Themes for gifts can make gift buying more predictable and easy. A Construction company running a party for its employees may choose a gift theme of tools under $25. A group of students may decide to run a theme of book swapping and your grandma may decide that it should all be about hard liquor!

Rule 8). (Optional) Timer

To extend the gift swapping period, add a timer to the end of the game. When all the gifts have been opened, gifts must be stolen from each other until the timer countdown is completed.

Rule 9). (Optional) No Swap Till All Opened

With large party groups, the time may really stretch until all gifts are opened, so it’s a good idea to not allow stealing until all of the presents have been opened. This is also an example where game end timer may come in handy.

Rule 10). (Optional) Early Outs

A common optional rule is to have 3 strikes early out for gifts or player. This means that if a gift is stolen 3 times, or the player gets stolen from 3 times, the gift that they are holding will be theirs and they are out of the game.

How The Game Ends

The ending of the game would depend on the rules that you want to use. The basic idea is that the game should end when everyone gets a chance to open and steal a gift. The game should not be too quick to leave a feeling of not enough time was spend playing but also should not be too long and bore everyone to death.

Striking a balance when it comes to duration of the Dirty Santa game does not have to be hard. if the group is small, make sure to allow for a longer period of time for swapping, in this case, a timer ending optional rule above might be a good idea. If the group is too large, then not allowing swaps before all the gifts have been opened would make the whole exchange more concise and well timed.

Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

Don’t know what gifts to bring to the family dirty Santa game? At Limousine Services Worldwide we enjoy a good laugh or two so we took the time to put together a list of gift ideas that are sure to make the family laugh.

  • Face-Socks-ImagePersonalized Photo Socks– Don’t you think the whole family would love to own a pair of socks with your face on them! Order your very own personalized socks.
  • Batman Snuggie-Snuggle up to a hilarious Batman snuggie that will definitely make passer byers take a second look.
  • Toilet Night Light– Everybody can benefit from this motion sensor toilet night light in the middle of the night and it is sure to bring out a couple of laughs.
  • Jolly Rancher Candles– Candles are always a favorite gift, especially when it is shaped like a Jolly Rancher!
  • Superhero Knee Socks– Everyone always needs socks, why not wear a pair of superhero socks to help you tackle all of your day to day functions.

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