There are a ton of history that you could brush up on in the great state of Connecticut. You can even enjoy a Connecticut Limo to take you from various museums and historical societies around the state to learn all there is to know about Connecticut. But you must also wonder……is that really all I need to know about Connecticut? What about we take a break on history and learn some very interesting facts about Connecticut that are not well known.

Feel Smart With These Connecticut Facts Not Many Know About!ct-christmas-carolers-image

  • The Unitarian Church of Westport, Ct has some Christmas Spirit that no one has beat! They have set the record for largest group of door-to-door carolers with a whooping 502 participants!
  • In order for a pickle to be considered a pickle in the state of Connecticut it must bounce if thrown at a table.
  • The great game of Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf was created from the University of Bridgeport college students making the first disc from flying pie tins.
  • The author of the first dictionary Noah Webster, was born in Connecticut.
  • Think branding cattle was originated in the Wild Wild West? Well think again! Connecticut passed a law requiring farmers to  mark their pigs. With that being said, branding was created.
  • The State insect if the praying mantis.
  • Without  prove you’re blind, it’s illegal for anyone in Connecticut to use a white walking cane in public.
  • If you love your hamburgers thank Louis’ Lunch from New Haven, who invented the first hamburger when a guest asked for something to eat on the go!


Weird Connecticut Laws That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

  1. After many messes gone wrong, Southern Connecticut decided to ban silly string all together!Conencticut-escalade-car-service-picture
  2. Devon, Connecticut city officials decided to put safety first and banned walking backward on city sidewalks after sunset.
  3. Haven’t met one that can do this yet but it is illegal in the State of Connecticut for a cyclist to ride at a speed higher than 65 mph.
  4. It is illegal to throw a used razor blade in the garbage.
  5. Guilford, CT refuses to be filled with tacky decorations. To stay on the classy side they made it illegal to use any color of Christmas lights except for white.

With these interesting Connecticut facts, now you have truly become a Connecticut know-it-all!  Reserve your Connecticut Limo and travel the whole state finding out some more interesting facts!

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